A Nationally Accredited, Award-Winning Early Childhood School For Children From Birth to Kindergarten

Our Proud History

Just a few moments spent at our early learning school and you will begin to notice some things that are truly unique. The atmosphere of learning and excitement can be felt by all who visit. Children are learning and having fun, teachers are full of enthusiasm, and there are bright smiles and friendly faces everywhere you look! While there are many key ingredients that create this special environment, it is the teachers of A Child’s University who are the true secret to the magical experience we provide each and every child.

One thing that you will notice that isn’t so secret is the special commitment to ensuring extraordinary teacher to child ratios. One leading reason children receive such an enriching experience at A Child’s University is because our classrooms offer teachers that surpass state and national standards. This means that each child will receive more individual attention and a superior learning experience.

Beyond simple numbers, the teachers of A Child’s University possess something even more extraordinary than words—their commitment to the children in their classroom. As the Top Early Childhood Program award recipient in Rhode Island, an Inc. Magazine Award Winner and the winner of the “Best Place to Work in RI” award, you will find many unique qualities at A Child’s University that you won’t find anywhere else.

What We Believe

We believe that an early childhood school should provide children with a rich educational experience, strong bonds with qualified teachers, and a warm, loving environment that provides a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. To accomplish this requires teacher to child ratios that exceed national standards, a highly trained and loving team of teachers, an award winning and nationally recognized curriculum that aligns with our National Accreditation and State Early Learning and Development Standards, and world class facilities designed to foster a learning environment that is second to none. Infancy through kindergarten represent critical years in a child’s life – we believe that each child deserves the best early learning environment imaginable.

Who We Are

The teachers at A Child’s University are deeply committed to providing the highest quality early childhood education experience for the children who attend our schools. We are a team of professionals on a constant mission to do whatever it takes to provide children with the highest level of care, education, and attention.

What We Do

We dedicate ourselves to learning every day so that we can bring new approaches and ideas into the classroom. We strive to bring enthusiasm, love, and genuine care into all of our classroom activities and projects. We commit ourselves each day to meeting the delicate needs of the children we serve.

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