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A Child’s University proudly offers Tadpoles (www.tadpoles.com) - a communication tool that allows teachers to share daily activities and reports about each child’s day. Every classroom at A Child’s University is equipped with multiple iPads that are specifically used for the Tadpoles program. Throughout each day, teachers record special moments, notate important developmental milestones, capture photos of children in action, and build individual child portfolios. All of this information is then shared by email with the parents of each child. Through this powerful daily connection, the Tadpoles program facilitates ongoing and meaningful communication between teachers and parents so that families are true partners in the early education of their child.

How We Involve Parents

Updates must be private and secure.
We know that nothing is more important to a parent than the security of their children and their children's information. That is why we have engineered our system to allow safe and secure sharing from provider to parent.

100% of parents must have access.
Not every parent has a smartphone. Communication from a child care provider must reach 100% of the children's parents.

Email is the app that every parent uses.
Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Everyone has access to email. For that reason we have chosen email as our primary means of communication. Right from your email you can play a video, share a photo, or reply right back to the director.

Never hear “nothing” again.
What did your child do today? Now you will always know. Photos and videos of your child's day give you a view of their day. Daily reports keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work.

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